About us

El-Mohandes For Agricultural and Horticultural Products is a family-owned egyptian company founded in 2003 by Eng. Marwan Karkoura
The firm currently runs two different businesses. We own a pack station where fresh fruits are carefully processed and prepared for cold storage to assure it stays fresh till it reaches the hand of the consumer. Alongside, we own a wheat milling plant supplying the local market with high-end wheat flour and other wheat byproducts.

Mission & Vision

We take the responsibility of safe food produce on the top of our priorities. Obligated to deliver fresh and healthy products to our clients following the international standards.

We consistently work hard to achieve the sustainable and green industry we have been always looking forward to.Increase our exports to the international market helping to support the local economy.


Why this field?

The company was established by the aim of contributing in post-harvest processing and exporting of Egypt’s fresh fruits produce. Offering job opportunities starting from hand-picking in farms along the chain reaching the ports.